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Status of Garage Games.

by Morrie · 11/03/2015 (7:54 am) · 11 comments

Most of my friends say Garage Games has went down the drains. They say it used to better when they paid
for GG engine upgrades. But they say GG doesn't seem to be moving forward, that its stuck in the past, but
more focused on teaching education. while the Game engine doesn't seem to be moving toward next gen consoles, like Unity and the Unreal Engine.

I haven't really used the Torque Game Engine for years. But was gonna start using it again. Noticed it was free. I've always liked Torque and GG. The Game Engine I bought was TGEA. So I was wondering if I should continue with Torque or look into another Game engine, Such as Unreal or Unity.

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11/03/2015 (5:16 pm)
I think you're a few years late to the party:
Torque 3D is open source now. GG has nothing to do with it anymore....
11/03/2015 (6:06 pm)
Continue with Torque of course.
11/03/2015 (6:36 pm)
As Richard said, GarageGames has moved on from working on the engine.

I'm one of the guys managing it now, and most of the work comes from the community, so it pretty much serves the community's interests.

We have a newer, more modern forum set up that a lot of people have moved over to here:

Work's still happening, and if you or your friends have ideas, suggestions, or want to contribute, we're more than happy to have you :)
11/06/2015 (7:22 am)
Announcing GG|Interactive


You can also go through the blog history of Dave Wyand, Eric, and myself to get more details. GarageGames, LLC is NOT going down the drain. We made Torque 2D/3D MIT and decided to focus on education curriculum. Simple.

Torque 3D is alive and well thanks to the community. Torque 2D is revitalized and is better than ever, also thanks to the community.

EDIT - WHOOPS! I meant to say GG is NOT going down the drain. I edited the text.
11/07/2015 (6:57 am)
Well, I don't know if "going down the drain" is how I'd have put it - I'm sure you guys still do awesome work. I just hope it's as much fun as it was before....
11/07/2015 (4:40 pm)
Quote:So I was wondering if I should continue with Torque or look into another Game engine, Such as Unreal or Unity.

I read this:

and this:

Do not know what is real and not but that will not happen with T3D MIT. I hope it works out for the repopulation team as I know that they have worked hard for this to come through.

Last read this:

Torque 3D MIT is a really fine tool for small developers and companies that wish to develop stuff for PC Windows. Built for the small teams of programmers/scripters/artists and unicorns(programmers who also work well as an artist).

Torque 3D and Torque 2D belongs to us the community and those who would like to use it. Not shareholders or bankers just us the developers as it should be ;O)

That GG gave us as a gift.

A mighty gift indeed :O)

And as such GG will never go down the drain as their gift and tech will spread into many good projects and games(even just a prototype tool for some before they use other tools).
11/09/2015 (2:32 pm)
Torque enabled me, and continues to enable me. I'd put ten years into a self-developed multiplayer browser game (1997-2007) when Adobe acquired Macromedia and--despite all their promises not to do so--changed the underlying ActionScript compatibility in the Flash plugin*, rendering inoperable ten years of work which had finally made it to release. My first released game was out for just under two weeks before I woke up one morning and a simple plug-in update torpedoed my life.

Three years of waterlogged depression followed. When I came out of it, I decided to try again and really looked at engines and--in particular--their licensing. GG's provision of source code, even in the time when it was a paid license, reassured me that should the platform I relied on go tits up again, this time I wouldn't be left high and dry.

I have nothing but praise for the guys at Garage Games and the Torque family of engines. I looked at Unity and was very tempted--I have a lot of experience with JavaScript--but decided another proprietary plugin just wasn't worth the risk to my sanity. It made more sense to move from Mac to Windows with no prior Windows experience than get caught out again due to circumstances outside my control.

Now, I am a self-taught, utterly terrible programmer and it takes me thrice as long to do anything as everyone else (which is why I don't post here often--it's frickin' embarrassing). Your mileage may vary, based on your skill and apprehension of the underlying tech.

Continuity is king. Think *real* hard about what you're getting yourself into, no matter how shiny anything looks, or how much it promises to reduce the sweat equity you have to put in.

That Garage Games, Mr. Preisz, Mr. Perry, Mr. Wyand et al took the time and trouble to release the code under the MIT license when they decided to change their focus only speaks to their integrity. I much look forward to finishing my current project and possibly porting up--still on 1.1/1.2, and still more tigers than I can readily tame.

*Accurately, Adobe didn't change AS 1--instead they wrapped it in a security layer only accessible to their new version of ActionScript. I was left with more than 36,000 assets, each with embedded script, that could no longer talk to one another or my backend.
11/10/2015 (8:42 am)
Whoops, I updated my first reply to correct a typo. GarageGames, LLC is NOT going down the drain. While we do not have much of a presence on this site or with Torque, the company itself is doing fine.

Quote:I just hope it's as much fun as it was before....
@Richard - Fun is subjective. I'm enjoying my work and learning new stuff, so that's fun to me.

@Everyone - Really like the replies I'm seeing here. You guys get it =)
12/22/2015 (6:00 am)
@Mich - Yup, that's fun in my book. You should see some of the horrors I've unleashed to get around network restrictions on machine accounts....
02/04/2016 (2:50 am)
So out of curiosity, what the licensing with TGE and TGEA. Have they changed. I know T3d is free and different things. but I've bought books and Items off GG website.
02/04/2016 (8:50 am)
@Morrie - There are currently no plans for TGE and TGEA. The main reason is due to some 3rd party content licensed in the engine, which cannot be redistributed. The engines would need to be cleaned, 3rd party stuff removed, and then prepped for MIT release. There are other reasons, such as further fracturing the community, along with logistics that do not fit into the bandwidth for current GG.