About GarageGames

The Torque community is now home to 150,000+ game developers and artists with additional licensees of more than 200 universities and schools for computer science and game design curricula.

Torque is a constantly evolving technology built for speed and ease of use. We reinvest in Torque aggressively with 40+ experienced developers working on the technology. Available on the PC, Mac, iPhone, web, and more, Torque stays up to date on relevant platforms and ahead of the curve in performance. Torque's licensees include scrappy innovators and industry giants alike, as you can see below.

Torque provides dedicated personnel for custom support on Torque projects. With some of the best developers in the industry at your back, your project is assured to come together on time and a success.

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GarageGames is currently located in Las Vegas, Nevada. As the makers of the Torque game development technology, we have provided professional level cross-platform technology and tools since 2000. The Torque Game Engine was the original technology behind the Tribes series of games and has been used since to develop countless games - including Marble Blast Ultra, a best-selling hit on Xbox Live Arcade.

GarageGames was founded by 4 industry veterans in 2000 with the goal of disrupting the games industry with quality development tools and upsetting the dominant retail/publisher distribution model. One of the first companies to make primary use of digital distribution for our games and those we publish.

Development Partners

Houdini Subarasa Pure Light Tech Luma Arcade Fmod Autodesk Speedtree Microsoft Sickhead Games Sony IBM PhysX by Nvidia Nintendo Apple Facebook AMD NASA Sun Microsystems Nvidia Intel Cerulean

Torque Licensees

Large Animal Games Big Blue Bubble Inc. MaxGaming Technologies LLC. Wideload Shorts Hothead Ncsoft Blue Omega Entertainment Tilted Mill Entertainment Capcom Electronic Arts Bioware Corp Ubisoft