PhysX Integration

Torque 3D ships with PhysX out of the box on Windows. The Pacific demo contains a demonstration of many of the features of the physics engine. Cloth physics, destroyable objects, buoyancy, and many more are available to your team to create believable experiences. Physics has become an increasingly important feature in games and especially in simulations. Torque 3D provides a solid platform for physics simulations.

Here are a few of the PhysX highlights implemented in Torque 3D:

  • Cloth dynamics
  • Rigid body dynamics
  • Destructible objects
  • Destroyable joints
  • Fluid buoyancy

On top of PhysX, Torque 3D also includes a rigid body physics system for older hardware and Mac support.

Abstracted Physics API

Torque 3D is designed with an abstracted C++ Physics API for integration with major 3rd party physics libraries.